All about nails…

Natural Nails

Manicures – Hands are soaked in warm water, followed by the nails being trimmed and filed.  Cuticles are removed.  The final steps are a gentle hand massage, with nail polish and artwork being applied, if desired

Pedicures – Following a hot water soak in a relaxing jet tub, your nails are trimmed and filed.  Cuticles, calluses, and corns are removed.  The skin is exfoliated, followed by a gentle foot massage.  If desired, nail polish and artwork, of your choice, is applied


Artificial Nails (Solar & Acrylic)

If you want beautiful long, strong, and well-shaped nails, you should consider artificial nails.  We offer a variety of colours, shapes and styles.  Artificial nails not only give you a well groomed manicure everyday,  they are also an ideal solution for those who tend to bite their nails

Shellac Manicures – Help to keep the nail polish from chipping for up to 14 days.  No drying time is required.  No damage to your real nails

Waxing – Inexpensive with results that can typically last for a few weeks

Paraffin Treatment – Popular in the winter because the hot wax helps to moisturize dry, cracked skin.  During the treatment, the skin is bathed in warmth, helping the pores to open up and the skin to soften.  Afterwards, the skin feels silky soft

Facials – A great way to take care of your skin.  It is exfoliated and nurishment is applied to help promote clear pores and keep the skin hydrated. Pores are cleared, if necessary

Hand and Foot Massage –Ahhh,  the icing on the cake… That’s all about nails…